The 1860 and 1870 Census of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, Showing...


    The Charles Firmin Family (1860)
    Antoine Firmin is listed as being one year old; the
    Joseph  Whitmore  Family is listed at the bottom

     The Elias Turner Family
    Elias Turner Family. This one has Elizabert Marcotte's children from her
marriage to Edmond
    Firmin. They also listed our grandmother, Clementine Turner under the Firmin group. The second
    page at the top is Elias younger brother, Henry Turner.

    The Charles Firmin Family
    with Antoine Firmin grandfather on the list

   The Joseph Dubroc Family

    The Marie Dupuy (Widow of Joachim Dupuy) Family

    The Joseph Whitmore Family

    The Salluste Marcotte Family