Materials Relating to the Harmogen Firmin and Viola Agnes Charrier
Edmond Mayeux and Leona Guillory Families
 [Harmogen was the son of Charles Firmin and Julia Charrier and brother of Antoine Firmin.]
The first two photographs were supplied by Eva Guillory.

NOTE: [Information provided by Eva Guillory]

Charles Firmin was born in 1831 - date unknown
Julia Charrier was born in 1836 - date unknown
They were married on February 21, 1854
They had 5 children - Antoine, Julia, Ammenth, Elphege, and HARMOGEN

Harmogen Firmin (June 22, 1872 - July29, 1916) married Viola Agnes Charrier (January 21, 1872 - October 14, 1956) - wedding date unknown.
They bore 6 children - CHARLES, Mary, Alcade, Adlina, Luke, and Lorena

The Mayeux linage begins with
Edmond Mayeux (December 5, 1865 - May 9, 1938 married to Leona Guillory (May 17, 1876 - June 30, 1936) - wedding date unknown.
They had 10 children - Mitchel,* C. Y.*, Orelian, Urbon, Archange, Willie, Sidney, Cliff, LEAH, and Mamel

Charles Firmin (July 21, 1897 - October 25, 1985) son of Harmogen Firmin and Viola Charrier married
Leah Mayeux (Movember 11, 1914 - March 27, 1986) daughter of Edmond Mayeux and Leona Guillory on November 12, 1939.
They had 10 children - Pauline, Theresa, Eva, Laura, Bertha, Effie, Margaret, Donald, Dean and Paul.


* It appears that Edmond Mayeux was married to Francis Guillory before he married Leona Guillory; according to Sadie Firmin Rabalais, the two women were sisters and Mitchell and C.Y. were children resulting from this marriage.  Here is a link to the gravestone for Francis Guillory.  Note the misspelling of "Mayeux" on the gravestone.  See an image of the gravestone below. 


Harmogen Firmin and Viola Agnes Charrier
Edmond Mayeux and Leona Guillory
Grave Marker of Harmogen Firmin
Grave Marker for Viola Agnes Charrier - (Wife of  Harmogen Firmin)
Grave Markers for Charles Firmin - The marker at the right is a "military" marker.
Grave Marker of Edmond Mayeux
Grave Marker of Francis Guillory (Mayeux) - First Wife of Edmond Mayeux
Click here to see the grave on the website.
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