Gender and Politics
Fall, 2019 - Instructor: Jim Bolner, Sr.
jimbolnersr @

I. An Introduction to Gender Politics
   Defining Gender
   Understanding Gender
   Male and Female Roles in Politics

II. Gender and Politics in History
    The Sources of Male Dominance
    Male Dominance in History
    Male Dominance in Religion and Society

III. The Struggle for Gender Equality
     The Rise of the Feminist Spirit
     History of Woman Suffrage
     The Nineteenth Amendment
     Title IX and the Struggle for Gender Parity

IV. Gender Inequality and Discrimination: Facts 
      Systemic Gender Inequality
      The Gender Pay Gap
      The Gender Education Gap
      The Gender Professional Gap

V. Feminism in the United States
    The Feminist Movement
     The Abortion Issue
     Sexual Harassment and the #Me2 Movement

V. Gender and Politics: Voting and Holding Office
    Gender, Political Values,and Voting Behavior
    Gender in Federal Office
    Gender in State and Local Office
    Will We Have a Woman President?

VI. The Future of Gender and Politics
      What Comes After Legal Equality?
     What Do Women Want?
     The Future of Gender in American Culture

Course Resources

The Nineteenth Amendment -- from the U.S. Constution Annotated

The Equal Rights Amendment --from the Digital Public Library of America

"Votes for Women: A Century of Progress" --from The Atlantic [A most impressive collection of articles.]

Gender and Politics --from the Oxford Handbook Online

The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politcs (2013)

William L. Mace, "Gender Politics: Why Do Men Oppose Gender Equality" --from Psychology Today, October 22, 2018

Pamela Paxton et al., "Gender in Politics" --from The Annual Review of Sociology, (2007)

Azam Kamgulan, "Islam and Women's Rights: Overcoming Inequality" --from Center for Inquiry (June, 2018)

"Women Suffrage: When and Where Did Women Earn the Right to Vote?" --from

Gender Issues Websites --from

Gender Spectrum --A guide to understanding gender

Gender Discrimination: U.S. Supreme Court Cases --from

Gender Discrinination: U.S. Supreme Court Cases --from the Cornell Legal Information Institute

Sex-based Discrimination --from the U.S. Equal Emplloyment Opportunity Commission

Feminist Jurisprudence --from the Cornell Legal Information Institutei

National Women's Law Center

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

5 Facts About Women's Suffrage and the 19th Amendment -- from Action Institute

Equal Pay Act of 1963 -- from the Avalon Project

Federal Legislation Relative to Gender Discrimination --from

"80 Nations Set Quotas for Female Leaders.  Should the U.S. Be Next?" --from The Washington Post, March 29, 2019

"History of Women Suffrage in the United States" -- from

"Gender Differences in American Voting Behavior" -- from

Gender Equality in the World -- from The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

-- A Gender Research Resource From Norway

Gendered Innovations -- from Stanford University

Title IX -- Federal constitutional legal protection against discrimination based on sex in institutions which receive federal funds.
Overview of Title IX -- from the Justice Department
Grove City College v. Bell (1984) --The Supreme Court of the U.S. held that Title IX applied only to an institution's financial aid
department; this was reversed by the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1984.

League of Women Voters

Timeline of Major Supreme Court Decisions on Women's Rights -- from the ACLU

Michal Lev-Ram,"Even Melinda Gates Has Struggled to Get Her Husband Bill to Do His Fair Share"
--from Fortune Magazine, April 22, 2019

The Center for American Women and Politics --from Rutgers University

The United Nations and Women

The Equal Rights Amendment --Current status of ratification

The Guttmacher Institute --"The Guttmacher Institute is a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and globally."

Women's Rights --from the ACLU

"A Changing World: Global Views on Diversity, Gender Equality, Family Life and the Importance of Religion" --from the Pew Research Center

"Road to Equality" --from Google Arts and Culture

Amy Harmon,  "Which Box Did You Check? --from The New York Times, May 29, 2019

The Road to Equality --from Google Arts and Culture

The Equality Act of 2019 --from the Congressional Record

Equality Act of 2019 --from Vox

The Making of Male Dominance --Documentary from Duke University

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July 2, 2019

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