Note: These are miscellaneous links relating to the idea of the garden.

Les Jardins dans l'Histoire de l'Humanité

Environmental Aesthetics - Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Italian Renaissance Grden

America as the Garden During the Renaissance

Book Review of David E. Cooper, A Philosophy of Gardens

Robert Pogue Harrison, Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition - Google Books

Garden and Landscape History Resources

Garden Design in the British Isles - History and Styles Since 1650

History of Gardenng - Wikipedia

L'histoire de l'Art des Jardins

History of Gardening - Timeline

The Garden History Society

The History and Functions of Botanic Gardens - JSTOR Article

Botanical Garden - Encyclopedia Britannica Article

Tom Turner Quotes

Tom Turner Books

European Garden History - Tom Turner 

Benefits of Natural Spaces May Be Greater Thank We Think - From Scout - University of Wisconsin Computer Science Department
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