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A Mixed Bag of New and/or Exciting Things

Guides to New Items on the Web

Site of the Day - From

The Scout Report 
Scout Report - Summary by Date 

What's New on Yahoo!

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Help in Learning About the Internet

Library of Congress Guidelines for HTML 4.01

Adam's Advanced HTML Guide

Anne's World - Web Page Resources

Dan's HTML Help Page

Learn The Net

The Web Developer's Virtual Library

The Internet Detective - Interactive Site Evaluation Course

Next Generation HTML: The Big Picture

WebCom's Guide

Dave's Site - Learn HTML

Yale Style Guide

Spotlight on HTML!

Digital Librarian's Links


Those ASCII Conversion Characters for Tags

Tags Explained - From Webcom

Andover New Network - Internet Technology News


SmartBooks - About the Internet

Webhosting Guide

Finding Information on the Internet - A Tutorial

Gif Wizard

Reign Your Domain

WWW History Project

IBM Institute for Electronic Government

eBORcOM's Web Development Resources

Find mE-Mail

What Is?


Webmonkey's HTML Cheatsheet

December's Guide to Guides
December's Guide to the Internet 
December Communications, Inc. Works

Tucows - Software!

Beginner's Central

Submit It!
Submit Your Site for Announcement
Add Me!

Guide to Web Publishing

Ask Dr. Internet

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Free Stuff 

Free Webpages - From The Daily Freebie
Free Web Space - From the Mining Co.
Free Web Pages

Send a Nice Card
Send a Musical Postcards

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Cascading StyleSheets

The CSShark Answers FAQs 

A Chart from HitBox

Examples of Cascading Style Sheets 

Style Master: Cascading Style Sheet Editor  

Cascading Style Sheets - W3C
W3C - Cascading Style Sheets - Level 1

Web Design Group's Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

Style Sheet Properties

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Colors  - Colorlab

Color Cube - From Geocities

Business Clipart and Photos

Color Specifier for Netscape et al.

Color Picker

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Backgrounds and Images

Whew Backgrounds

Backgrounds! - Great!


Clip Art (Mama)
Free Clip Art

ClipArt Warehouse

Webcom's Publishing Guide

EarthLink - Internet and Web Help

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Computing Dictionaries


U-Geek Glossary

FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Same name, different site.

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Pautuxent Bird Identification Center

All About Birds - Cornell

Google Birding Directory - Louisiana
Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group
Birding on the Mining Co.

Skywatching Sites

Your Sky 
From Stargazers to Starships (NASA)
Earth and Sky
Hubble's Best
Astronomy Online
Astronomy - The Links
Sky Publishing
Astronomy Now
Solar System Similator

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A Mixed Bag of New and/or Exciting Things on the Internet

Dublin Core Generator

CultureFinder: The Internet Address for the Performing Arts

The Greatest Movies of All Time

XACOBEO 99 - Saint Jacques de Compostelle and the Pilgrimage

The Equinox Poets
Poets and Writers
Poetry Pages - From The Atlantic
The Favorite Poem Project
Academy of American Poets
The English Server's Poetry Links
The New York Times's Arts & Leisure Section
Electronic Poetry Center


Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

The Classical MIDI Archives - Great Music!

Visual Thesaurus - By Plumb Design

Happy Landings - Everything Aviation


American Museum of Natural History

San Diego Zoo


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Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

The UC Berkeley Libraries
The Internet Public Library - From Michigan
The New Deal Network
Argus Clearinghouse
Public Interest Sites

Votelink! Vote on World, National, State, and Local Issues!

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