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News Sources on the Internet

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Verizon Super Pages

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How to Find People on the Internet's A-Z People Search List

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Books, Articles, and Libraries

Recent Political Books - From
Borders Books
ALEX - Catalog of Electronic Texts
Windweaver's Internet Search Books
Theological Book Service
Contents Pages From Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals
Fons Vitae - Book Publishing and Distribution Catalogue of Books 1998
C-SPAN's Booknotes Site
The New York Times Books! - Full Text of Reviews
The Internet Public Library
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ERIC - Journal Articles Focusing on Educational Issues
Z39.50 Bibliographical Searching
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BetaBooks - From McGraw-Hill
Alibris Books! Search!
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Recollections - Used Books and More
Search the AAUP Listings
Books On-Line: Titles
Internet Bookshop Homepage
The Advanced Book Exchange Home Page (Limbach)
Bibliofind - A Guide to the Old, Used, and Rare Book Market
Book Expres 
Bookwire's Best Seller List

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Bible Verses and Bible Information

The Bible Gateway

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Consumers' Reports Online
AT&T Toll Free Internet Directory
Business Connections - From The New York Times
Buyer's Index
The BigBook - A Guide to Businesses on the Internet

AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
The Yellow Pages - AnyWho

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Cinema, Film, and Radio

Movie Review Query Engine
The Greatest Films' All Films Index
American Film Institute 
The Internet Movie Database

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