The Bolner Family Reunion
Erath, LA - November 10, 2002

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Group Gathering II III Denise and Mickey
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Richard and Dolores II Desserts II
richardd.jpg (76439 bytes) richardkitch.jpg (33447 bytes) andrewetal.jpg (70831 bytes) annepatoutessie.jpg (77321 bytes)
Richard II Andrew Luke Essie and Anne
donnagret.jpg (47368 bytes) essieperry.jpg (81933 bytes) fayeposts.jpg (78003 bytes) gretalpat.jpg (76971 bytes)
Donna and Gretchen Essie and Perry Lesli, Fay, Johnny, Mary, and Larry Gretchen, Al, and Eugene Patout
janiekaylaelise.jpg (109920 bytes) jimlindsey.jpg (63717 bytes) johnetalme.jpg (110120 bytes) karen.jpg (154062 bytes)
Janie, Kayla, Elise Jim and Lindsey Johnny, Gaby, Larry, Jim, Sitges, Crystal, Mark, Karen, and Ralph Karen
icb.jpg (56038 bytes) kristenjtb.jpg (67991 bytes) kristenjtb2.jpg (78463 bytes) kristenjtb3.jpg (86955 bytes)
Isabel Kristen and Jackson II III
lisa.jpg (75512 bytes) living.jpg (68142 bytes) lukes.jpg (119112 bytes)
Yvette and Lisa Crandall, Donna, Peter, Missy, Elise, and Gretchen Gretchen, Al, and Andrew
mariah.jpg (64974 bytes) marymark.jpg (47740 bytes) maryz.jpg (70125 bytes)
Mariah Mary B. and Mark Mary Z. and Sarah
missydon.jpg (53942 bytes) missylisa.jpg (73893 bytes) moutons.jpg (32013 bytes) outdoor.jpg (88316 bytes)
Missy and Donna Misy and Lisa Jeremy, Johnny, and André Crowd Eating
outdoor2.jpg (82834 bytes) patoutsverd.jpg (81545 bytes) paul.jpg (72239 bytes) paulleslijtb.jpg (53395 bytes)
II Eugene Patout, Anne, and Verdie Paul Paul, Lesli, and Jackson
pennycrdon.jpg (67933 bytes) ralph.jpg (85232 bytes) ralph2.jpg (64260 bytes) ralph3.jpg (44282 bytes)
Paul, Penny, and Donna Ralph II III
reneesusan.jpg (58319 bytes) reneesusan2.jpg (36788 bytes) richardjrchris.jpg (57677 bytes)
Renee and Susan II Richard, Jr., and Chris
sarahhannah.jpg (66369 bytes) sitgesve.jpg (70155 bytes) susancath.jpg (26358 bytes)
Sarah and Hannah Verdie and Sitges Susan, Perry, Cathy, and
susanperry.jpg (61252 bytes) verdessbarb.jpg (78858 bytes) yngpatouts.jpg (83000 bytes)
Susan and Perry Anne, Verdie, Essie, and Barbara André and Linda Patout
The images below are photographs of photographs taken to the reunion by Anne Bolner Patout.
auntelvared.jpg (26890 bytes) jabolnerpict.jpg (80379 bytes) bolnergrocbill.jpg (87455 bytes)
Elva Jeansonne Bolner and Allen Bolner"Pop" Bolner* Joseph Allen "Pop" or "Red" Bolner [also "Red"] Bolner's ad (1932)

*Joseph Allen Bolner, of course, was Albert Bolner's brother.