Major Current Political Topics
Lagniappe Studies Unlimited - Fall, 2006
Jim Bolner, Sr. - Seminar Leader

The seminar will focus on the following major current political topics:

1. The War in Iraq
    The Neoconservatives and American Imperialism
    Chronology of Events
    Going to War: the WMD Issue
    The Conduct of the War
    Getting Out of Iraq

2. Immigration
    Immigration History, Policy, and Law
    Immigration Issues:
        --Safe and Secure Borders
        --National Security
        --Guest Workers
        --Paths to Citizenship

3. Religion and Politics
    The Constitutional Background
    The Current Constitutional Controversies
        -- "Establishment of Religion"
        -- "Free Exercise"
        -- "Wall of Separation"
     Sectarianism and Politics
        -- Tax Exemptions for Church Property
        -- Prayers in Public School
        -- Religious Monuments in Public Places
        --The Pledge of Allegiance
        -- The Chaplains and the Coin
        -- Faith-Based Initiatives

4. Budgets and Deficit Problems (Presentation by Nancy Sidener)

5. The Bush Administration and Presidential Powers
    Constitutional and Statutory Elements
    The Military Tribunals Issues
    The Warrantless Searches and Seizures Issues

6. Responses to Katrina and Rita
    FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security
    The Corps of Engineers
    State and Local Problems
    The Search for a Plan

    Summing Up



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