The Presidency of the United States
Spring, 2008
Jim Bolner, Sr., Instructor

The seminar will examine the constitutional and statutory provisions relating to the election and removal of the President, presidential powers, presidential succession, Congressional attempts to limit presidential powers, and major Supreme Court decisions dealing with executive power.  The central focus will be the growth of presidential power during and since the 1930's, with special attention to presidential powers and the War on Terrorism. 


The Presidency in the Constitution
    The Nature of the Constitution
    The Federalist and Anti-Federalist Presidency
    A Note on Impeachment
    A Note on the Vice-Presidency      

The Electoral College
    The System Understood
    The System Analyzed
    Presidential Elections, 2008

The President in Constitutional History
    Theories of Presidential Power
    Great and Not-so-Great Presidents
    The Imperial Presidency

The Chief Executive and Chief of Foreign Relations
    The President and the Cabinet
    The Nominating and Appointing Power
    The President and the Bureaucracy
    The President and Foreign Relations    

The Commander in Chief
   The President and the War Power
   Congressional Attempts to Limit the Presidential War Power
   The Bush Presidency and the "War" on Terrorism

The President and the Legislative Process
   The Power to Propose
   The Power to Veto
   Executive Privilege
   The Bush Presidency and the Legislative Process


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