The Right to Privacy in the United States
Fall, 2014 ~  St. Francisville, LA
Teacher: Jim Bolner, Sr.
Mondays, September 15,  22, 29; October 6, 13, and


I. Defining Privacy
   A History of Privacy
   Is Privacy Possible?
   Is Privacy a Good Thing?

II. Privacy Provisions in the Bill of Rights
    The Fourth Amendment
    Statutory Protections of Privacy

III. From Dwelling Privacy to Personal Privacy
    The Fourth Amendment in the Courts
    The Exclusionary Rule
    Privacy and Abortion

IV. Privacy and Technology
      Electronic Eavesdropping
      Smart Phones, GPS Devices, and Drones

V. Privacy and National Security
    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1976 (FISA)
    911 and the Patriot Act
    The FISA Court in the News
    Echelon, Prizm, and Other Programs

VI. The Future of Privacy
      Threats From Government
      Threats From Business Enterprises
      Threats from "Friends and Neighbors"



         The outline above:  Word - PDF

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