Looking to the Future: the United States in 2050
Fall, 2014 ~  St. James Place ~ Teacher: Jim Bolner, Sr.
Thursdays: September 18 and 25; October 2, 9, 16, and 23


I. The United States' History as a Guide to Its Future 
The Rule of Law
Pragmatism and Individualism
Hostility Toward Government

II. Demographics and Political Life: the Anglo-Saxon Factor
     The Immigrants and Political Institutions of the Future
     Demographic Change

III. Technology and Communication
    The Gift of Technology
    The Curse of Technology
    Technology of the Future

IV. Economics
Wealth Distribution and Inequality
Wealth and Inequality in the Future

V. Education
The Future of Education
Education, Wealth, and Technology
Education and Politics of the Future        

VI. Medicine and Health
     Medicine and Technology
Medicine, Health, and Wealth
   Global Medicine

VII. Social Justice
Social Justice and Globalism
Social Justice and Wealth Distribution



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