Understanding Terrorism
Fall, 2015
Jim Bolner, Sr., Teacher ~ jimbolnersr @ cox.net


I. Defining Terrorism
   Examining the word
   What terrorism is and what it is not
   Understanding how we think about terrorism

II. The Roots of Terrorism
    Reflections on human nature and history
    Tribalism: a key to understanding politics
    Religion and the search for meaning
    The competition for economic resources

III. Political Terrorism
     The search for human order
     Power and its exercise
     The appeal of violence

IV. Religious Terrorism
     Religious intolerance and religious tolerance
     The appeal of the secular
     Contemporary religious terrorism

V. Counter-terrorism
     Methods of counter-terrorism
     Evaluating counter-terrorism
     Counter-terrorism and individual liberties

VI. The Future of Terrorism
      Are there bases for hope for ending terrorism?
      Terrorism and the future of the nation state
      Terrorism, technology, and morals 


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