The Politics of Immigration

Jim Bolner, Sr. ~ Spring, 2016


Thursdays ~ March 31; April 7, 14, 21, 28; May 5
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I. The History of Migration, Emigration, and Immigration

    Defining Terms and Concepts 

    Human Nature and the Search for Resources

    Great Human Migrations: Out of Africa and Beyond


II. Who Migrates, Emigrates, and Immigrates Today: Why, Where, and How?

     Migration of Populations

     The Geography of Migration

     Motivations and Methods of Migration


III. United States Immigration Policy: Past and Present

      How United States Immigration Policy is Made

      United States Immigration Timeline

      Models of Integration: Melting Pot, Salad Bowl, Mosaic


 IV. The Immigration Crisis in Europe: Historical Background

      Islam and Europe: Setting the Scene

      Imperialism, Colonialism, and Violence

      Islam and Europe: a Clash of Civilization


V.  The Causes of the European Immigration Crisis

     The Failed Regimes of the Middle East

      Extreme Theocracy versus Consumerism

      Islamic Extremism: Understanding Jihad


VI. Some Proposals for Addressing the European Immigration Crisis

     Realistic Proposals: Reforming Islam

     Unrealistic Proposals: Toward World Government


                      RESOURSES ON THE INTERNET




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Note: You will find interesting and valuable resources relating to contemporary immigration problems
on the webpage devoted to "Understanding Terrorism." 

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