The United States Constitution and What It Means Today
Fall, 2016

I. Historical Background
   British Colonization
   The Formation of a Colonial People
   The British Constitution

II. The Writing and Ratification of the Constitution
     Colonial Charters and Constitutions
     The Rebellion and the Articles of Confederation
     The Constitutional Convention of 1787
     A Republic Evolving Toward a Democracy

III. Reading and Interpreting the Constitution
      How to Read a Text
      Originalism versus "A Living Constitution"
      The Powers of the Federal Judiciary

IV. Amending the text of the Constitution
      Article V and Its Subtleties
      The Evolving Constitutional Text
      What the Text Says and Doesn't Say
V. Separation of Powers
      The Legislative Branch
      The Executive Branch
      The Judicial Branch and Judicial Review

VI. Federalism
     The Theory of Delegated Powers
     Articles IX and X of the Bill of Rights
     The Genius of Federalism

Tribe on the Constitution

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Constitutional Miscellany
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PDF version

Presidential Elections - from the Scout Report