Understanding Self-Government
Spring, 2018
Teacher: Jim Bolner, Sr. - jimbolnersr @ gmail.com 



I. Introduction

            Human Nature and Autonomy

            Understanding Ourselves: Human Self-Awareness

            Family and Society

            The Human Condition: Conflict for Resources and Space


II. The Human Search for Order

            Human Consciousness and the Search for Order and Meaning

            Organizing Society: Theocracy, Oligarchy, and Democracy

            The Search for True Autonomy

            The Search for Conflict Resolution


III. Individualism

            The Individual as Free

            True Individualism

            Limits on Individualism


IV. Collectivism

            The Necessity of Collectivism

            The Family and the Tribe

            The Ethnic State


V. Forms of Government

            Autocracy, Direct Democracy, Representative Government

            The Idea of a State of Nature

            Is Conflict Inevitable?

            Idea of a Social Contract


VI. The Western Secular Experiment

            From Divine Right to Social Contract

            Understanding Secularism

            Problems with Theocracy

            Problems with Secularism

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"Freedom House's programs support human rights and democracy advocates in their efforts
to promote open government, defend human rights, strengthen civil society and facilitate the
free flow of information and ideas.

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