Media and Politics in the United States

Course description: We will examine print and television media, social media and the Internet; the constitutional status of the political media; who owns and controls the media; media bias; and what is its role in campaigns, elections, and policy-making. 

I. Introduction

   The Nature of Journalism
   Who Owns and Controls the Media
   Advertising, Rhetoric, and Truth

II. Media Defined

    Language and Signs
    Print Media
    Visual Media (TV)

    Digital Media (the Internet)
    Social Media

III. The Political Context

     The First Amendment and the Media
     Political Expression
     How the Media Shape Public Opinion
     Campaigns and Elections

IV. What the Media Does To Us and For Us

      Media and Political Power
      Information: Candidates and Policy Issues
      Political Marketing

V. The Political Media and Self-Government

       Political Media and Polarization
       Channel TV
       Media Bias and Media Spin

VI. Reforming the Media

      The Ideal Media
       Constitutional and Political Obstacles to Reform

          Internet Resources     


The Annotated Constitution - The Free Speech and Press Clauses -from the U.S. Congress - [Go to page 1140.]

On the Media --This is a weekly PBS program focusing on the media.

Media Bias/Fact Check --This website classifies media outlets from left to right.

Reliable Sources --This is a program on CNN which examines news relating to the media.

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