Making Sense of Current Events
Spring, 2020

I. Introduction

--Approach – Critical Examination

--Suggestions for Proceeding

--Goals and Expectations

II. Impeachment

--Constitutional issues

--Statutory issues

--Philosophical issues

III. Immigration

--History of North America



IV. Voting and Elections

--The Representation Problem

--Structuring Methods of Choosing

--Corruption in Elections

V. Poverty

--Causes of poverty

--The Wealth Gap

--Charity and Greed

VI. Climate Change

--Consumerism and Pollution

--Political ignorance


Online Resources

Christof Koch, “What is Consciousness” -

Nathan J. Robinson, “How to Avoid Swallowing War Propaganda” -

Nathan J. Robinson, “Lessons From Chomsky” -

Brian Resnik, “9 Essential Lessons From Psychology to Understand the Trump Era” –

Steven Davies, “The Great Realignment: Understanding Politics Today” – -

Kirsten Weir, “Politics is Personal” – November, 2019

Neil Farquahar, "Playing on Kansas City Radio" -Radio Sputnik - New York Times, February 13, 2020

"The State of Civics Education" --from the Center for Amerian Progress (February, 2018)

"Civics Education in the United States" --from Wikipedia (2020)