The American Presidency
Spring, 2021

I. The Presidency in the Constitution
--Theories of Presidential power
--The Establishing the Presidency
--The Articles of Confederation
--The Constitutional Convention
--The Cabinet
--The Formative Years: Washington, Adams, and the Virginia dynasty

II. Electing and Removing the President
--The Electoral College
--The Framers’ world meets “democracy”
--The experience with the College
--The impeachment power
--The President as party leader

 III. The President as Commander in Chief
--Civilian supremacy
--The President and the military bureaucracy
--The President and the military-industrial complex
--Presidential power in a nuclear age

IV. The President and Congress
--The President and the legislative process
--The President and the budgetary process
--The veto power and “signing statements”
--The Presidential duty and power to execute the laws
–The President and the congressional electoral process

V. The Growth of Presidential Power
--Congress’ problems
The federal civil service
-The delegation of legislative power by Congress
--Executive Orders

VI. The Future of the Presidency
--Institutional norms surrounding the office of the Presidential
--Can the Presidency survive Trump
--Assessing and repairing the damage
--A review of reform proposals
--The future of the Presidency


N.B.: Additional resources on the Internet can be found on the webpage for a course on the Presidency
which I offered in 2017.

The Federal Register Prepares for Electoral College Duties

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Other speeches of interest are also featured.

Nikita Khrushchev, "Secret speech, “On the Cult of Personality and its
 Consequences,” delivered at the Twentieth Party Congress of the Communist
 Party of the Soviet Union – February 25, 1956
-Click on "Download" to see
the entire speech.

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[Found here in]

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