The American Presidency
Spring, 2021

I. Establishing the Presidency
--The Framers’ experience with monarchy and governors
--The Articles of Confederation
--The Constitutional Convention
--The Cabinet
--The Formative Years: Washington, Adams, and the Virginia dynasty

II. Electing and Removing the President
--The Electoral College
--The Framers’ world meets “democracy”
-The experience with the College
--The impeachment power
--The President as party leader

III. The President and Foreign Relations
--The treaty power--The President and diplomacy

IV. The President as Commander in Chief
--Civilian supremacy
--The President and the military

III. The President and Congress
--The President and the legislative process
--Proposing legislation
--The veto power and “signing statements”
--Presidential nominations and confirmations
--The Presidential duty and power to execute the laws
--The White House

IV. The President and the Courts
--The nomination and appointment power
--The judiciary as a check on executive power

V. The Growth of Presidential Power
--The delegation of legislative power
--Executive Orders

VI. The Future of the Presidency
--Institutional norms surrounding the office of the Presidential
-Can the Presidency survive Trum
--Assessing the damage
--Pondering repair proposals



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