Pages relating to the Rocards created by Jim Bolner, Sr. 

La Page du Grand Voyage en Amérique (1977)

The Rocards in Cambodia (2001)

The Rocards in Bodoc, Louisiana (October, 2004)

Jean-Michel Rocard (Portrait)

Newton Versus Relativity
by J-M Rocard is for sale on  Click here to view the book's front and back cover pages and here to view the table of contents.

Pages created by Jean-Michel Rocard

Voyage au Vietnam (2006)

Voyage au Chili (2007)

 Photos mariage Rocard-Boissier

 Black September; Septembre noir

 American Friends; Amis américains

 Visiteurs et famille Rocard

 Voyage en Chine

 Séjour Cambodge

 Séjour Laos en 2003

 Sejour aux Etats-Unis en 2004

Voyage dans l’Ouest américain (J-M & M Rocard)
Suite 14 -  24 avril 2005

Franco-American Memorial (Portivy, France)

Le Calendrier Gregorien International (2015) - (This is a video of a PowerPoint presentation on the history of the Gregorian calendar.)

Note: Marcienne Rocard and Michelle Kaltemback have recently authored a book entitled Canada Revisited.  Click here to see the table of contents.