Bodoc Pictures - January 5, 2001

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[These pictures were taken on Friday, January 5, 2001, while I was in Bodoc to
see about the staircase. Steve was good enough to install the staircase and then to take me to see the Bodoc tree which is on his family's property.]

frontyrd_s.jpg (66416 bytes) jonquils_s.jpg (257173 bytes) tilacapple_s.jpg (219535 bytes)
Front Yard View Narcissuses Coming Up Back Yard
tilac_s.jpg (196848 bytes) backyrd_s.jpg (200495 bytes) housefront_s.jpg (142816 bytes)
'Ti Lac Back Yard (Side) House
marianhse_s.jpg (71260 bytes) leaves_s.jpg (179429 bytes) diningport_s.jpg (93930 bytes)
Maraine's House Front Yard Leaves Dining Room
stair_2s.jpg (20672 bytes) bathtub.jpg (40685 bytes) middleroom_b.jpg (28896 bytes)
Staircase work Bathtub Middle Bedroom
stair_g.jpg (37992 bytes) steveyard_s.jpg (113379 bytes) stevebodoc.jpg (251525 bytes)
Staircase Steve Steve and Bodoc Tree
steveoak_s.jpg (118526 bytes) stevebodoc.jpg (251525 bytes) stevecamp_s.jpg (162480 bytes)
Steve and His Oak Steve and Bodoc Tree Steve's Old Camp Site
forestscene_s.jpg (170801 bytes) bodoctree_s.jpg (357592 bytes) bodoctree2_s.jpg (242635 bytes)
Steve's Woods A Bodoc Tree A Bodoc Tree (View II)
bodocball_s.jpg (85842 bytes) bodocball2_s.jpg (112513 bytes) bodoctreecloseup_s.jpg (159408 bytes)
Bodoc Tree Ball Bodoc Tree Ball (View II) Bodoc Tree (Closeup)
lynnslough_s.jpg (148562 bytes) lynnslough2.jpg (281981 bytes) lynnslough3.jpg (235266 bytes)
Lynn's Slough Lynn's Slough (II) Lynn's Slough (III)
garoflier.jpg (141955 bytes) overcupoak.jpg (112102 bytes)
Garofier Overcup Oak Acorns