Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr. ~ ©2009 James Bolner, Sr.
City Park Lakes, Baton Rouge, LA ~

Nikon D200; Nikkor lens (80-400mm); handheld
To learn more about the killdeer see:

Click here to learn more about the killeer; click here to learn more about Brewer's blackbird;

and click here to learn more about the Gadwall Duck. 
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akilldeer47_small.jpg akilldeer52_small.jpg akilldeer53_small.jpg akilldeer54_small.jpg
akilldeer58_small.jpg akilldeer59_small.jpg akilldeer61_small.jpg akilldeer66_small.jpg
akilldeer67_small.jpg blkbird87_small.jpg blkbird91_small.jpg blkbird92_small.jpg
blkbird93_small.jpg blkbird94_small.jpg blkbird103_small.jpg blkbird109_small.jpg
blkbirds_two_104_small.jpg agadwallduck2_small.jpg

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