Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies
Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr. ~ ©2010 James Bolner, Sr.
Butler Greenwood Plantation, West Feliciana Parish, LA ~ July 19, 2010

The round fruit that appear in the photographs are the fruit of the buttonbush.
See http://aquaplant.tamu.edu/database/emergent_plants/buttonbush.htm.
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abfly101_small.jpg abflynone75_small.jpg abfly51_small.jpg abfly68_small.jpg abfly73_small.jpg abfly74_small.jpg
abfly76_small.jpg abfly100_small.jpg abfly102_small.jpg abfly104_small.jpg abfly106_small.jpg abfly108_small.jpg
abfly111_small.jpg abfly112_small.jpg abfly114_small.jpg abfly116_small.jpg abfly31_small.jpg abfly32_small.jpg


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