Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr. ~ Baton Rouge, LA ~ Olympus D40 Camera; Bausch and Lomb Explorer Telescope
Click on an image to launch a slideshow.  Click here for maps of the moon and to see more of my moon photograph.

amoon__34n2_small.jpg amoon_5_small.jpg amoon_7_small.jpg amoon_8_small.jpg
amoon_8n_small.jpg amoon_16_small.jpg amoon_26n2_small.jpg amoon_33_small.jpg
amoon_33n_small.jpg amoon_33n2_small.jpg amoon_34_small.jpg amoon_38_small.jpg
amoon_39_small.jpg amoon_39n_small.jpg amoon_bw_34_small.jpg

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