Mushrooms and Flowers in Bodoc
Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr. ~ ©2015 James Bolner, Sr. ! Monday, October 9, 2015
The first image shows the crossroads of Coleman Lane and Highway 1179.  The flowering plants are hen-bit dead-nettle plants.
The curly mushroom are "chanterelles"; the other mushrooms are not yet identified.
a_bodoc_crossroads_23_small.jpg a_mushroom_41_small.jpg a_mushroom_38_small.jpg a_mushroom_37_small.jpg a_mushroom_36_small.jpg
a_mushroom_35_small.jpg a_mushroom_34_small.jpg a_mushroom_33_small.jpg a_mushroom_32_small.jpg a_mushroom_30_small.jpg
a_mushroom_29_small.jpg a_mushroom_28_small.jpg a_mushroom_27_small.jpg a_mushroom_26_small.jpg a_flwr_22_small.jpg
a_flwr_14_small.jpg a_flwr_11_small.jpg a_flwr_10_small.jpg a_flwr_9_small.jpg a_flwr_8_small.jpg

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