Glossy Ibises and Black-necked Stilts
Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr.
Along Highway 71 ~ St. Landry Parish, LA ~ Monday, October 9, 2015 ~ ©2015 James Bolner, Sr.
Click here to learn more about the glossy ibis and here to learn more about black-necked stilts.
a_ibises_61_small.jpg a_ibises_12_small.jpg a_ibises_11_small.jpg a_ibises_10_small.jpg a_ibises_60njpg_small.jpg
a_ibises_8_small.jpg a_ibises_13_small.jpg a_ibises_58_small.jpg a_ibises_53_small.jpg a_ibises_47_small.jpg
a_ibises_40_small.jpg a_ibises_revc_75_small.jpg a_stilt_56_small.jpg a_stilt_55_small.jpg a_stilts_ibises_62_small.jpg
a_stilts_ibises_62_lg_small.jpg a_egret_stilts_52_small.jpg

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