Two Egrets - City Park Lakes - Baton Rouge, LA - Friday, February 7, 2020
Photography by Jim Bolner, Sr.   ~ Click on a thumbnail image below to enlarge an image; click "Next" to navigate the slideshow.
Click here to learn about the great egret (the one with the yellow beak) and click here to learn about the snowy egret (the one with the black beak).

grteget39_small.jpg grtegret39n_small.jpg grtegret40_small.jpg grtegret41_small.jpg grtegret42_small.jpg
grtegret39n2_small.jpg grtegret402_small.jpg grtegret412_small.jpg snegret18_small.jpg snegret20_small.jpg
grtegret422_small.jpg snegret25_small.jpg snegret182_small.jpg snegret202_small.jpg snegret252_small.jpg
snegret26_small.jpg snegret27_small.jpg snegret32_small.jpg snegret34_small.jpg snegret63_small.jpg
snegret64_small.jpg snegret67_small.jpg twoegrets43_small.jpg twoegrets44_small.jpg twoegrets45_small.jpg

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