How the Future Will Look


The future will be quite plain,

Much like yesterday afternoon,

Much like the day before yesterday,

Much like the very words much, yesterday, and afternoon.

    There will still be plain love in the future, but

It will be plainer, dimmer, less evident

Than the plain love pervading the world today.


There will be beauty in the future,

Captured by eyes enhanced by laser treatment,

Allowing us to see into objects,

Foliage, and the wings of birds.


There will be gadgets, imported things made of pig feces,

Giant video screens displaying everyone’s life

Down to the tiniest wart and wrinkle.


There will be music in the future, but

It will be more like noise than music.

Violins will be drummed out,

Flutes will be rare.


Indeed, the future, dim and beautiful,

Is already here.


--June 8, 2013