French Military Intervene in Mali


This French military intervention in Mali, a report could read,

Is not the result of a sudden shift in policy.

No.  It is an expression of our attempt to move forward

Picking our way, burdened by the weight of history.


Bright forces arise in hearts and brighten minds,

Calling forth bright thoughts,

Inspiring the teacher to tell the brightening class:

“You must try to see the world as God sees it—

From afar and from close-up,

The world is beautiful and filled with wonder, and

There is blue there and there is yellow here, and

Every heart and every mind is deserving of dignity, and



Dark forces arise in hearts and rage in minds,

Stirred by deep impulses dressed as religion and civilization,

Dark forces prompt the reach for the machete and the war axe,

The musket and the poison gas.

It is for the members of the brithening class
      To act.

--January 15, 2013