The Turtles at Bluebonnet Swamp


Many turtles live at Bluebonnet Swamp.

Right at the entrance, in the shallow pond

Where dragonflies and damselflies used to prosper.


The turtles are of two kinds: red-eared sliders, and

Southeastern soft shell.

The sliders are the ones consistently answering

To the call of my presence.

The soft shells make a rare appearance

Whenever the spirit managing swamp life

Beckons to them.


The sliders do many things:

Sun upon a log, slip off the log, swim

Around the pond with the complete freedom

Of a dropping feather, poke their muzzles

From murky water into murky air

Into sunlight.


The soft shells do one thing:

Sun themselves upon the pondís opposite shore.


Here in this pond the turtles of Bluebonnet Swamp

Live out their lives,

Waiting for the day

When dragonflies and damselflies will return.


--January 26, 2013