Wharf Cat


The Wharf Cat is a catamaran, old and worn,

But off it goes twice a day, weather permitting.

Off it goes to take tourists to see the cranes--

Whooping cranes

Wintering on the Texas coast.


Deckhand George and Captain Eddy are the crew.

George gives the Coast Guard speech on the grass

Across from the Wharf Cats’ berth. 

George limps.  We never see Captain Eddy’s face,

But hear his loudspeaker voice: welcome, hope you enjoy, and

Three o’clock is to your right, six o’clock is toward the stern,

Nine o’clock is to your left. 


No food, no drink, no smoking. 

Lifejackets are here. Watch your step.

You will be allowed to go to the front of the boat

When the boat beaches

When we come upon cranes. 


And off we go into the cold wind of the Texas coast.



--February 12, 2013