Turtles at Bluebonnet Swamp


I have captured these same turtles many times

Taking them into my camera,

Spilling them upon my computer screen

Putting them into their own little files and folders.


These are red-eared sliders,

Common and popular. 

Many of their breed reside in jars

Kept in the schoolrooms of the world.


These, my friends and subjects, are here on Fridays,

Swimming cautiously in their pond

Showing no sign of rhythm, plan, or scheme,

Climbing upon their pond log,

Moving ever so slowly deliberating every step,

Not trusting the log, not trusting their own curious feet.


They have little to fear.

They have their log and their bank.

In the murky pond water their great jaws

Can close upon minnows and weeds. 


At night
They join the great indifference of the universe,

Resting, waiting to be recaptured once again.


--March 16, 2013