What Jesus Wrote in the Dust


John 8: 1-11


A woman was dragged into the square.

Men were gathered, hypocrites all.  Jesus was there.

The woman was charged with adultery.

The law of Moses law called for stoning to death.

Roman law reserved to itself the penalty of death.

The Jews, wanting to catch Jesus with tricks,

Asked him what to do.


Taking his right index finger, Jesus wrote in the dust,

Fearing that he was writing down their names,

The Jews asked him again: what do we do?


He straightened and declared:

“Let the one who has not sinned come cast the first stone.”

The hypocrites slinked away.


Jesus told the woman: you are forgiven but sin no more.

This is what Jesus wrote in the dust:

Keep close to your own heart.

Do not scar the other’s heart,

Do not hurt the one who has sinned

For the red guilt the sinner endures is punishment enough.


--March 17, 2013