Chinese Geese


Itís a wonder that boys

Having nothing to do after school

Donít kill them and eat them.

Their robust bodies living under that grey and white coat

Would make a fine roast.


Consider the heft of a that fat drumstick,

Or a slice of that juicy breast,

Or the gumbo that one could make

With all the stock that great carcass would yield.


Itís a wonder that they survive, and thrive,

These great grey and white geese,

Walking around, eating grass,

Promiscuously defecating where they will,

Swimming from time to time,

Flying very seldom,

But flying when they desire.


Itís a wonder that photographers and poets

Have not joined forces

To make these great geese fierce symbols

Of the abundant beauty gracing our world.


--March 23, 2013