Remembering the Old Bodoc House


Built in 1915 entirely of cypress, even to the shingles on the roof,

Even to the outsize beams supporting its grand frame,

Beams resting on stout pillars.


Facing the house we see the house on its cypress pillars,

Porch with bannisters, three windows, one door.

The door leads to the living room

Of one front window and two side windows
Bracing the welcoming fireplace.

From the living room we can go to our left, and

Enter the bedroom.

Now we see four windows, and

A door to a second bedroom, and

In the second bedroom a door

To another, smaller bedroom.


Now back in the living room we move

Toward the back of the house through a hall

Its tongue-and-groove walls marked at eye level

With the line left by the flood of 27.

There is another small bedroom to our right, and

We enter the dining room, large and welcoming.

Beyond the dining room is the kitchen, and

Beyond the kitchen the pantry.

Off the dining room is a narrow porch, and

At the end of the porch, behind the pantry

A room with two washtubs, and

The clean smell of homemade soap. 


There, we have visited the old Bodoc house.


--April 27, 2013