The Ballet


Silken slippers, tights, gloved hands, and

Fluffy tutus permit them to move upon the stage

To recorded music licensed by New York.


There are many dancers: children of dentists,

School teachers, lawyers, florists, domestics—

All prancing upon the stage,

Trying their best to fake coordination. 


The evening wears on: one age-group succeeds

Another age-group.

This one in orange taffeta.  This one is beige taffeta.

This one in third grade.  This one in sixth grade.

They keep coming.  One after another. 


After a while, after dancers have tired, and

After grandparents and relatives have seen

Their progeny prance a while,

Amidst much bowing and applause,

The ballet comes to an end.


--May 11, 2013