Holding a smooth round wood stick  

The batter dares the pitcher

To throw the little ball his way.

The ball must fly into a certain zone

Defined by the umpire’s eye.

The ball may not bounce or roll.

It must not hit the batter or his clothing.


With his eye intent upon the batter

The pitcher, for his part, dares the batter

To hit the little ball, and

Hit it within a certain zone defined by tradition, and

Lines marked off by chalky lime.


The pitcher must stand within a certain zone to throw.

The batter must stand within a certain zone to swat.

The batter has three chances to hit the ball.

If the batter hits the ball afoul of the certain zone,

The game goes on, and on.


This sport was invented before the clock,

So the game goes on and on,

Defying logic and testing patience.


--June 2, 2013