Sparrows on the Patio


Sparrows come abundantly to the patio,

Landing on the metal table, nervous, hungry.

They do not know that I have a bird camera

Sitting on the ledge of the fence

Watching them.


They will peck at the grains of birdfeed

Hop, peck, hop, peck--

Looking guilty all the while.

They will scratch at the feed,

Without motive, without thought.


There will be males and females,

But more males than females.

There will be an occasional visit

By a cardinal, a mourning dove, a blackbird.

Nothing more. 


Later I will retrieve the memory card from the camera.

I will sift through the images, prizing some, thrashing most.

Enhancing the keepers, sharing them

With those who have neither patio, bird cameras, or sparrows.


--June 7, 2013