Wallenda, Grand Canyon


Late afternoon and the cable is strung

Across the canyon,

A wire cable just wide enough

To hold the feet of the wire walker.


Having groomed himself, made his peace,

Nik Wallenda starts his walk. 

He has no tether, only the will to do it,

To walk across the Grand Canyon.

He holds a long rod for balance.

He walks with his mind on walking,

His mind on reaching the other side.


His walking was closely watched.

Would he make it?  Would he fall?

Would he know deep regret for having dared?


He wobbles once, wobbles twice.

Then he steadies himself,

Prays more fervently, and

Walks to the other side.


Triumphant.  Successful.

Nik Wallenda has walked on a wire

Across the Grand Canjon.


--June 24, 2013