The Book of Genesis


And so…

Abram/Abraham was way past the age

When he was able to father a child, and

Sarai was way past the age

When she was able to bear a child.

(But Hagar the concubine was nubile and young)

Yet (so the story goes),

The Creator intervened, appeared, and decreed

That something on the level of a virgin birth

Would be, a blessing and a curse:

Ishmael, born of Hagar the concubine,

Isaac, born of Sarai the wife—

Would both be blessed with the strange curse

Of possessing all the beautiful and ancient desert land.


Both born out of due time and both born

In hostile land, the arid and hostile desert

Not yet transformed Into organic gardens
Or centers of ecotourism.


And so…

Claim against claim,

These claims, like a twisted helix,

Persist and claim their rights

Against the beautiful and ancient desert.


 --June 28, 2013