What Will I See at the Monet Exhibition


I have a good idea of what I will see at the Monet Exhibition.

I will see Jackson, Missssippi, and on the way to Jackson

I will see much road,

Interstate, a concrete ribbon of transplanted Europe

Topping the Mississippi hills. 

And on the way home, a rewind of the way there,

A rewind of the same reflection upon

Transplanted Europeans practicing art in Mississippi. 


At the museum there will be volunteers,

Bearing their name badges with honor, and

There will be the inevitable introductory video

In the dark auditorium. 

There will be much walking.

There will be much lagging behind,

Much sitting on the backless benches

Still warm, warmed by another patron of the arts. 


And there will be well dressed women, and

Bands of children out of school,

Enrolled in a summer program for the arts. 


Yes, there will be much to see

At the Monet Exhibition at the Jackson museum.


--August 6, 2013