Anticipating the Humming Bird Moths


I look forward with deep reverence to the evening

To taking photographs of the humming bird moths,

To insinuate myself into their impossible world.


If all goes well, if the earth turns in its usual glory,

If the rain puts off its coming—

The moths will appear:

They will feast on the blooms of ginger plants,

Extending their impossibly long tongues

Deep into the heart of the white blooms,

Sucking out sweet nectar

To feed their impossibly beautiful bodies.


Their bodies will be hairy, multi-colored,

Arrayed in impossibly magnificent bands

Of colors trembling with beauty. 

Their eyes will be large, alien, other worldly,

Blind to all except what leads

To survival and propagation. 


Their flitting will buoy me,

Lift me, transport me,

Take me ever more deeply into the Creator,

With much reverence.


--August 16, 2013