September 11, 2001


Examined closely, things are always more complex than they seem.


The clash of civilizations. 

One European, western, almost urban.

One Middle Eastern, eastern, from the desert.


Both proud, both rooted in their faiths,

One blessed by having an open view,

One cursed by having a closed view.

The open view allows for differences,

Allows for separation of faith and politics.

The closed view calls for unity, conformity,

Demands a fusion of faith and politics,

Calls for the dominance of Islam,

Calls for the toleration of private worship of others.

The open view calls for respect for all faiths,

Calls for a separation of faith and politics.


Separation.  Fusion.

Democracy. Theocracy.


Due process.  Sharia law.



--September 11, 2013