The Constitution of the United States of America



James Madison, young and bright,

Had a vision of a society humming with liberty.

Every member of the society was fueled by ambition.

Property and liberty in constant tension:

Few would have talent and, therefore, wealth.

These would strive to exploit the many poor.

Many would have less talent and, therefore,

Have only their labor to sell, and

These many poor would strive

To take the property of the wealthy few.


James Madison, young and bright,

Saw ambition and inequality: constant strife.

Factions free, but having to travel roads to form.


Now to have liberty hum—

Give the few and the many their liberty,

But check their ambition.

Let them keep their passions,

But fix it so that no one faction can rule.

No one faction will be able to seize and hold power.

Checks and balances plus federalism.

The society may still hum with liberty.




Problem; Madison’s vision of the humming society

Was for a time of roads, horses, carriages, flintlocks, newspapers.

Comes the telegraph, telephone, fax, e-mail, and

Factions have no need for roads or horses.


--September 30, 2013