Friday in Ordinary Time – Feast of St. Francis


Francis walked out upon the old Roman road, and

Seeing the hungry, fed them,

Seeing the birds, called out to them,

Softly, softly,

Telling them of the Creator’s love.


Francis rejoiced in creation,

Holding the dove, handling the snake,

Stroking ever so softly, so softly,

The porcupine’s needles,

Smoothing them

While the porcupine purred.


Such is the vision we have of the man from Assissi—

A once-rich young man

Who gave up a life of luxury

For a life of love,

Who, wounded in battle,

Turned to make peace,

Even meeting with the Sultan,

Desiring to lead the Sultan to Christ.


Today we celebrate Francis.

Rejoice in Cration!


--October 4, 2013