Word of the Day


Each day after school we ride home.

As we pass a certain utility pole

We begin to discern our word.

Rules: must be new, may not be a proper noun,

Must be English, must be susceptible of explanation.


Each day once we have passed under the Interstate overpass

But before we reach the railroad overpass

We must declare our word, and

It must be entered, recorded in the book

With its date and its contributor’s initials. 


Each day once the words are entered in the book,

The book is closed and put away.

Each day a new word.

Think of it.  Think of “calendar” or “ruby” or “sniffles,”

Or “badger” or “gestation.”  Think of it.


Each day as we utter and record our words

We grow in wisdom and in love.


--October 17, 2013