Typhoon Haiyan, 2013


Bodies, strewn along streets alongside beams of steel,

Mixed with clothing from a destroyed dry goods store,

Unsorted flotsam, work of divine whim.


Mounds of things which had lost their identity—

A house crushed into debris.

The landscape was that: destruction.


Destruction wrought by wind and water,

All the artifacts of skillful humankind

Undone, destroyed.


All things mixed and broken—

Humans treated as objects

In a huge sinister science experiment.


Bodies.  We return to the bodies.

Soon they will begin to trickle their fluid.

Soon they will begin to join creation,

Melding their chemistry with that of earth and

Beams of steal.


The living gawk and ponder the sorry sight.

They are already starting to forsake their lot.


Huge is gone.

What in this world has held hope is now filled

With black despair3


--November 12, 2013