Jill, GPS Girl


If I “Agree” to the first screen’s legalese,

Jill, GPS Girl, begins to speak:

“Drive the highlighted route,”

She says, and

In my mind I see her speaking,

Leaning a bit toward the microphone,

Wearing a clean, neat, drab dress,

She will pause until the vehicle  icon 

Finds its electronic bearings, and

Then will announce:

“In point four miles, turn right on…”


And so she lives out her life:

Obedient to a fault,

Ever-ready to “Recalculate,”

Requiring no exertion,

No expenditure of energy,

Except the mysterious electronic food

Dispensed by through the white cord

Connecting Jill to the others—

The mysterious  creatures inhabiting my Prius.


--October 29, 2013