The Daisy Fleabanes Near Me


Without apology, without fanfare,

Without any warrant than their swaying beauty,

Humble daisy fleabanes sway in the March breeze.

They will last into the summer,

Bending as they sway,

Waving to the whizzing cars.


Tomorrow I shall brave the whizzing cars, and

Camera in hand, bend and sway myself

Trying to capture these daisy fleabanes.

I shall try to bring a bunch home,

Spreading them on my computer screen,

Fretting over their sharpness, color, and depth of field.

Saving them in their special folder.

I shall perhaps share some of my captures,

Sending them like magic into the air

Across the sea and over the world.


Without apology, without fanfare,

I pray that my bending and swaying

Will impart to me some of the beauty

Of the humble daisy fleabane.


--March 19, 2013