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From Family Albums
From Missy's  Album

More Photographs from Missy's Album
From Verdie's Album

From Ollie's Album

Miscellaneous Photographs From the Bolnar/Bolner Album
Some Miscellaneous Photographs - Including Almeda with Stephanie

From the Album of Lillian Chaisson Bolner

From the Album of Lynn "Duke" Bolner


Family Reunions 

The Family Reunion - 1976 (From Ollie's Album)

The Family Reunion - 1976 (From Ollie's Album - Updated) [Flickr Set]

The Family Reunion - 1976 (From Ollie's Album - Updated) [Picasa Album]

The Albert Bolnar Family - 1976  

A Bolner/Bolnar Family Reunion, Pre-1994 - Brothers and Sisters 
A Bolner/Bolnar Family Reunion, 1994 - Brothers and Sisters - Baton Rouge
A Bolner/Bolnar Family Reunion, 1994 - The Gathering 
The Bolnar/Bolner Brothers and Sisters - 1994
The Family Reunion - November, 1995
The Family Reunion - November 5, 2000
The Family Reunion - October 21, 2001  
The Family Reunion - November 10, 2002 
The Family Reunion - November 2, 2003

New - Added November 20, 2013 - Family Photographs From Ollie's Albums

Family Reunions Since 2000 

Albert and Almeda 
Albert and Almeda With Kelsie and Henry 
Almeda and Anita - The Buzzard Hat Picture
Albert Charles Bolnar - Large Photograph
Albert Charles Bolnar - Smaller Photograph
Almeda Firmin Bolnar - With the James Bolnar Family
A Collection of Almeda Firmin Bolnar/Bolner Photographs
Almeda Firmin Bolnar - At Wavy Mayeux's  
Almeda Firmin Bolnar and Alice Firmin Saucier 

Almeda Firmin Bolner/Bolnar and Aline Firmin Mayeaux

Albert Bolnar and James Bolner - The Latter With His Violin 
Obituary for Almeda Firmin Bolner

Aunt Mae
Celebrating Aunt Mae's Birthday, February, 1996
Photograph, December, 2000
Remembering Aunt Mae

Kelsie in His Grocery Store - Date Unknown
Kelsie Bolnar - Barbequing
Kelsie Remembered 
Five Generations - Almeda Firmin Bolner and K. A. Bolner and Family

Lillian Chaisson Bolner in Her Wedding Dress
Kelsie and Lillian - Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
Ollie John Bolner (1921-2006)  
A Celebration of Life - Ollie Bolner (1921-2006)
Photographs of Ollie - From Carole Mouton's Collection

Some Service-Related Photographs - From Verdie's Collection
Ollie and Bottles - Probably While in the CC Camps
Ollie, Amy, Ralph, and Johnny at the Beach

Henry Field Bolner - From Verdie's Album

Zulie and Verdie Bolnar
Zulie, Daniel, and Verdie - 1998
Zulie and Richard
Zulie Sitting In a Chair

Eulogy for Zulie

A Louisiana Family - Daniel Bolnar, Denise Bolnar, Larry Bolnar, and Truck - circa 1951.

Daniel Benedict Bolnar and Denise Ducote Bolnar, With Larry Bolnar
Daniel Bolnar and Wavy Mayeux - in Abbeville, LA
Denise Ducote Bolnar, Daniel Bolner, and Friend
Denise Ducote Bolnar and Baby
Dan on His Horse Jake
Dan and Denise, Sitting I
Dan and Denise, Sitting II
Daniel Benedict Bolnar and Sarah Bolnar
Dan and Some Friends
Denise and Daniel

Daniel and His Buddies

Dan Bolner At Ease

Dan Bolner On Fourwheeler

Verdie and Sitges
Celebration of Sitges' 90th Birthday - November 5, 2005  ~ In a Picasa Album

Verdie Bolner Haydel and Sitges Haydel
Richard Bolner and Sitges Haydel
Verdie and Sitges with Smittie Bolner and Leah and Benny
Richard Bolnar, Steve Bordelon, and Mae Bolnar Dubroc
Verdie Bolnar and Irma Rodriguez, Her First Friend in Franklin
Verdie Bolnar Haydel
Verdie Bolnar Haydel and Sadie Mayeux Rabalais

Sitges at a Food Event in Franklin, LA
Sitges' Obituary
Eulogy for Sitges - February 14, 2008
Eulogy for Verdie - May 21, 2008 
Verdie (1918-2008) and Sitges (1916-2008)


Richard Bolner At Ease
Alden Joseph - April, 2015
Eulogy for Richard

Dale Bolnar

Dale Bolnar - School Picture - 1945-46
Dale Bolner Graduating Class - St. Joseph Academy, Plauchéville, LA
Dale Bolnar - Funeral Card With Poem By Duke Bolner
Dale and Richard Bolnar

Obituary for Donna Ann Bolner (Daughter of Dale and Marguerite)

Jim Bolner, Sr.
Jim Bolner at 17 Months
Jim Bolnar as a Very Thin Young Boy 
Jim Bolnar's Pictures of Himself
Jim (Kneeling) and His Violin 

The Forrest Firmin Family

A Photograph of Lee C. Firmin and Family, Henry and Viola Bolner, and
Wavy Firmin Mayeaux Family Members

Antoine Firmin (Sitting by the Old Bodoc House)

Mary Frances Luke (Missy) Wins Baby Derby - January 1, 1965 --from the Franklin Banner-Tribune

Four Bolner Brothers (Richard, Ollie, Kelsie, and Dale ~ Circa 1960)

The LSU Bricks Page

Rushian Bordelon, Anita Firmin Bordelon, and Aline Firmin Mayeaux
The Delta Firmin Family  
Antoine Firmin - Sitting on the Porch at Aunt Ta's and Uncle Rushian's
Cattle Brand of Henry Bolnar
Acadiana Tupper and Alexandra Valach (Grandaughters of Richard and Phyllis Bolner)

Faye Bolner Maurin 
Missy Luke Martin
Rosemary Bordelon Bordelon, Dale Bolnar, and Jim Bolnar

Young Rosemary and Young Lorrain
Delta Firmiin Family
Pictures in Barbara Lemonie Saucier's Album 
Pictures in the Collection of Mary Grace Saucier Lemonie
The Bolnar/Bolner Bodoc Project 

Family Photographs - Franklin, LA and Erath, LA - July 9, 2005
Photoraphs from the Album of Johnny Mouton

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